The 1st UITP Asia/Pacific City Transport '98 Exhibition

The UITP City Transport '98 Exhibition had been held on October 21-23, 1998. It was the first UITP Asia/Pacific City Transport Exhibition held in Asia/Pacific countries.

It is shown that Hong Kong is an ideal location for City Transport exhibitors from all over the world to be able to show innovative products, services and examples of new technology and benefit from these new developments.

The following is the preliminary list of some buses exhibited in the event:

Dennis Specialist Vehicles
- Dennis Trident 10.6metres / Duple Metsec bodywork
- Dennis Trident 12metres / Walter Alexander bodywork
- Dennis Dart 10.7metres / Plaxton Pointer II bodywork
MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG
- MAN NL262R
- MAN 24.350HOCL/N
- Neoplan Megashuttle N4032/4
- Neoplan Centroliner N4026/3
- Neoplan Transliner
Scania CV AB
- Scania L94UB4x2 / Volgren CR221L bodywork
- Scania K124EB6x2 / Ikarus E99DD bodywork
- Volvo Super Olympian B10TL chassis
- Volvo Olympian 11.3metres / Walter Alexander bodywork
- Volvo B7R

Here are parts of the photographs of the buses taken part in the exhibition: